Jimoco Café & Pasta is a family restaurant that wants to deliver quality food for the right price. It is our belief that the best things in life are simple. We have taken this concept to heart and implemented it into our kitchen. We strive to serve the best pasta made from simple fresh ingredients without any fuss or muss.


By blending the best of Italian cuisine with an infusion of international styles, we have expanded and perfected this philosophy to present you with a culinary experience that is uniquely Jimoco.


Having been exposed to restaurant culture in his native country Korea, our head chef Jadon Lee fell in love with the culinary tastes of Italy. He decided to move to Italy to learn more about the culture and their food. During this time he spent in Parma, Italy where he attended the Alma School of Cooking and worked in traditional and high-end restaurants. It is there that Chef Jadon cultivated his talents for Italian cooking.


After his odyssey in the Italian culinary world, Chef Jadon moved to Vancouver, Canada where he worked at a local Italian restaurant. Eventually, Chef Jadon, along with his wife Jane, opened their very own restaurant in 2009: Jimoco.


It has been many years since the two took their bold step to start their own restaurant. Through all the ups and downs, they have flourished and their Jimoco dream has come to fruition. The style and taste of Jimoco has evolved over the years but its essence has always remained. By consistently striving to achieve the best in quality and value, Jimoco enjoys a uniqueness and the flavours that have been perfected in our kitchen over the years is yours to enjoy.


Jimoco is the perfect setting for a quick lunch, an afternoon break, or a pleasant dinner with friends or family. Have you discovered Jimoco yet?


At Jimoco, it is our mission to deliver food made from the freshest and locally sourced ingredients we can find. We are of the mind that fresh and handmade is best. This is why all items on our menu are made from natural ingredients and by the hands of the people who work for Jimoco.


Our pastas are made fresh to order and each dish’s flavours are created within each pan as we make it. Fresh tomato sauce is made daily, and local vegetables are cut and prepared daily for your enjoyment. We have a large selection of dishes ranging from fresh seafood pasta, homemade meat sauce, to vegan and vegetarian options.


Or try our homemade thin crusted pizza cooked inside our ovens. We prepare fresh dough and use our own house blend pizza sauce along with fresh ingredients to deliver a light snack for a group or a tasty meal for one. We specialize in thin crust so as to allow the delicate flavours of our ingredients to flourish, resulting in a pizza that is refreshing rather than heavy.


To complement our pasta and pizza, we have a range of other tasty selections to choose from. From fresh salads to entrée dishes, along with a variety of appetizers, we take pride in all of our dishes and strive to deliver the fresh tastes of Italy each and every day.


Come see what our kitchen is cooking!