We have developed a restaurant model over the years that is not only delicious and popular, but also cost effective. We are looking for willing and able partners to become a part of our team. There are many benefits to joining our team:

Jimoco will be very hands on and help you in becoming familiarized with the menu and our style of cooking and presentation.
We will work with you upon opening of a new location by providing support staff to make the new transition easier and smoother.
Our main kitchen will supply certain menu items that will be made fresh and delivered to you and your store. Aside from ensuring freshness, this will also be effective in driving costs down along the production chain.

Best of all, we are able to help make each and every Jimoco unique and special. Along with our set menu of Jimoco favourites, we have the ability to develop specialized culinary menus unique to your own location. Within our kitchen, we have specialty knowledge in Korean, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese culinary traditions; as well, we also have knowledge of many other European foods. We can work with you to develop your own unique restaurant and one that is a reflection of your very own passions.


For franchising inquiries, please contact us at andy@jimococafe.com