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Jimoco Platter

Main Dishes:
- Scaloppina di maiale (pork tenderloin in marsala-cream sauce with porcini & champion mushrooms);
- Cotoletta di Maiale ( fried breaded pork sirloin, baked with mozzarella cheese in tomato sauce) ;
- Chicken marsala (chicken in marsala sauce with mushrooms, capers and sundried tomatoes);
- Chicken parmigiana (fried breaded chicken breast, baked with ham and mozzarella cheese in rose sauce);
- Cotoletta di manzo (fried breaded sirloin steak with demi-glace sauce);
- Salisbury steak (classic hamburger steak with mushroom-onion gravy sauce);
- New York steak (AAA 11oz.);
- Beef tenderloin steak (AAA beef tenderloin in demi-glace and onion cream sauce);
- Fish cutlet (fried breaded cod fish baked with mozzarella cheese in rose sauce);
- Salmon (in sweet pepper sauce, hollandaise and pesto sauce);
- Cioppino (Italian seafood stew: shrimp, mussels, scallops, squid, crab, fish and cherry tomatoes).

Side Dishes:
- Fusilli (with ham, mushrooms and green peas);
- Fettuccine (in cream sauce);
- Risotto (with ham, mushrooms and green peas);
- Calzone (ham, mushrooms, green peas, mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce);
- Fried rice (ham, mushrooms, green peas and egg)
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Jimoco Platter
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